Far Fetched Books was launched in March 2012 to e-publish the early works of the Father of Far Fetched Fiction himself, Mr Robert Rankin. The imprint now features 23 e-books (available for your Kindle via amazon.com) from his earliest masterwork The Antipope and the subsequent Brentford Series, through the ground-breaking (and misleadingly numerated) Armageddon Quartet, The Cornelius Murphy Trilogy and The Completely Barking Mad Trilogy, also encompassing several wonderful standalone novels such as Snuff Fiction, Nostradamus Ate My Hamster and The Fandom of the Operator. Links to all of these can be found on the “Books” page.

As always we are very busy with several exciting projects and have been delighted by the success of Robert’s two illustrated books Alice on Mars and The Divine Commodore

The  Longitude Punk’d exhibition at the Royal Observatory is now a distant and joyful memory and we were thrilled to be sent the lovely picture of us which hung in the opening ‘Creators Gallery’.

The astronomers’ names were replaced with ours ( and Geof’s) before the opening of the exhibition!
Robert is currently working on his memoires  – I, Robert – which is slated for publication in the autumn of 2015. This will be published as a limited edition hardback via mail order and again at the events he will be attending, a kindle versions will also be available from Amazon at some point in the future. Please join him on Facebook for updates and insights into his creative process.
We will be adding to this website over the coming months and invite you to return in the future when there will be more content, videos and pictures. In the meantime, here are some videos which you may enjoy, starting with Robert’s interview with Brian Blessed at the SF Weekender 2013.


And a video of us singing at the SFX Weekender 2012

And here is a nice interview with Robert at the Sci Fi Weekender 2013

Thank you for visiting Far Fetched Books!